What is Jira?

What is Jira? 

Jira is a platform that allows teams to handle issues throughout the life cycle of the problem. Jira can be tailored to fit different organisational structures and is highly customisable. It is mainly used for software development to track and manage development progress. The product was developed an Australian company called Atlassian and is written in Java. It provides bug tracking, issue tracking and project management functions. Continue reading what is Jira..

There are three main parts of Jira. The first is Jira Core and it is intended for project management. The second is Jira Software this includes the base software with the agile project management features. Finally there is Jira Service desk and this is used by business service desks or IT. Jira integrates with source control programs such as Clearcase, Git, Mercurial, Perforce, Concurrent Versions Systems and Team Foundation server.  

It is the number one software used by Agile teams in the world. Another great feature of Jira is real time reporting. The real time data allows people to act fast on improvements along the process of your project.  

What is Jira and  Agile? 

The Software supports Agile methodology whether that is scrum, kanban or another view of Agile. You can plan, manage and track all your agile software development projects in this one single Jira tool. It’s an agile project management tool.  

What is an epic? 

It is a broken down larger user story which is broken down into a smaller number of user stories. It might take a few epics several sprints to complete an epic. There is no difference between a story or a task.

What is a user story? 

A user story is a tool in Agile software to capture a description of a software feature from an end user perspective. It helps create a simplified description of the requirement from the user story.  

LPS encourages staff to be skilled this tool as it is becoming more common to use it on client site. The software is used all over the world and has a very high present in New Zealand as well as Australia where it originally was created. Udemy is a great place for individuals to become certified so we encourage staff to up skill.

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