Rapid Agile Change Management Course

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Rapid Agile Change Management (RACM) tackles the challenges of accelerated change preparing you with a toolkit to adapt , evolve and lead in change management delivery. RACM utilises the principles and mindset of agile, taking proven techniques and expanding them to focus on the requirements of Change Management in successful delivery.

Course Objectives

  • Be more effective in less time
  • Respond quickly to changing priorities
  • Respond quickly to changing scope
  • Keep focussed on the goals of change management and the objectives of the change initiative
  • Learn to work with agile delivery teams
  • Match change management activities to the time and resources available

Key Topics

  • Common agile techniques and practices
  • The clashing mindsets in a typical agile delivery environment
  • How to operate change management in the face of short delivery sprints with shifting priorities and plans
  • How to perform a rapid impact analysis
  • How to use an agile approach to change management for larger initiatives – a simple 4 step approach with 7 guidelines
  • A simple approach to suggesting and ranking ‘change proposals’
  • The cultural implications of moving to agile
team spirit

Who Should Attend?

  • Project Managers
  • Executives wanting to drive change
  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Owners
  • Business Owners
  • Sponsors
  • Communication Transition and Adoption Managers
  • Anyone working on change projects new to change, Agile, or both

Course Prerequisites

You do not need to be an Agile or Change Management expert to benefit from this course. We will take you through a proven process to teach the RACM framework to you, enabling you to integrate Agile and Change Management practices in your organisation.


How This Course Is Delivered

This course is currently delivered in a virtual format, with one of our experienced trainers leading you through the content over a period of 2 to 3 days, customised to your availability.


This course will provide you a pragmatic framework to enable Agile and Change Management best practices in your organisation, with practical strategies and tactics to drive adoption of Agile in real-world scenarios.

This course will provide this framework to you in a short period of time, drawing from experienced RACM practitioners – as such, while you won’t receive a formal certification, you will walk away with the knowledge to make a real impact in your organisation.


Upcoming Courses and Pricing

Please use the contact form below to enquire about upcoming courses and pricing, available for both individuals and teams.

The world has moved to an environment where the rate of change is accelerating. Organisations are adapting to this by moving to practices driving continuous, incremental, value-focused change into the enterprise, using aligned delivery models, viz. Agile, Lean etc. Consequently, organisational change management needs to adapt and keep up.

Managing rapid and incremental change effectively is the connection between delivering an initiative and seeing tangible business benefits; the bridge between completing technical deployment and getting user adoption. A new “shiny thing” that no one uses (or no one sells, or no one knows how to troubleshoot) has limited benefits.

The values and principles of Agile have people at their heart. With a little learning and investment, you can leverage those values and principles seen in agile teams, for all of your people experiencing the changes you’re making – and wouldn’t that be a great place to work?

Preparing your people to rapidly and continuously adapt to organisational change as the rate of change accelerates is key to successful delivery of business objectives and strategies. Conversely, if we don’t give managing the change the respect it deserves it can impact the bottom line of your organisation.

The change management process now becomes more about enablement for continuous adaption as the environment continuously shifts at great pace. The goal of change management still needs to be preparing people to be “ready, willing and able”.

Through examining the fundamental issues commonly seen in organisations as they experience an acceleration in the rate of change, RACM proposes simple solutions that can be tailored to the size of the change.

The RACM approach was developed by Dan Skelsey, a contributing author to CMI’s Change Management Body of Knowledge an editor and contributing author of The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook, and a contributing author to the Local Change Agents Handbook. The RACM approach synthesises discussions about the issues and solutions with a range of change management and agile practitioners working across several industries.  The approach includes the following guidelines:


  • Respect the people undergoing the change
  • Respond to needs over following a plan
  • Borrow from the greats
  • Practical and useful metrics
  • Transparency
  • Collaborate frequently
  • Maintain pace through simplicity, empowerment and learning


Why Us?


We make sure we make a difference by understanding your business objectives, priorities and staff experience before we start.

Real-World Experience

Everything we teach – we do. We only offer professional development in subjects where we have long term execution experience. We use actual examples to optimise the learning experience and accelerate workplace application.


LPS Attain complements all professional development with the latest industry trends, best practices and field knowledge.


Engaging and valuable learning experience, facilitated by industry experts who are experienced and accredited by professional bodies such as Axelos, APMG, PMI, APM and many more.


We also offer coaching one-on-one to reinforce the knowledge and skills acquired and help overcome implementation challenges.

Rapid Agile Change Management Course

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