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Platforms and Platform Strategy

Build on a solid foundation

Organisations built in the digital era are built on platforms. A platform being a combination of business and technology capabilities, premised on loosely coupled services that can be combined and re-combined to provide for agility, speed and differentiation in the marketplace.

Traditional businesses potentially have complex infrastructure and application architectures that constrain the speed and flexibility with which they can respond to their marketplaces and deliver the right digital experience for their customers, partners and staff.

Organisations must move away from a “build it and they will come” approach to platform building. Building a robust, adaptable digital platform will allow you to respond, evolve and adapt quickly.

However, transforming to a digital platform is not easy, there are many options from making small incremental steps to wholesale changes. The choices you make are premised on current capabilities, appetite for risk, your constraints, your current technology state, among others.



We can help

Aligned with your digital transformation agenda we will work with you to develop a Digital Platform Strategy. We will assess your current state technology, constraints, capabilities and appetite for risk.

We work with customers who take small incremental steps to create a digital platform; we work with customers who are replacing all their underlying systems and customers who land somewhere between.

Based on this experience, we will help you determine where you are and where you need to get to in a way that suits your organisation.

Further, we can assist you to build out your digital platform; providing short term or long-term capabilities with guidance, coaching and mentoring to help uplift internal capability short falls as required.



Work with senior business and IT owners to understand your capabilities, the current state technology, current plans, risk profile and constraints.


Envision a target state and the steps to get there aligned with your overall digital strategy.


We bring in a specialist team to collaborate with your staff to define and implement your digital platform strategy.


We coach, guide, mentor and pass on those capabilities to your people while enabling and assisting you to build out your digital platform

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