LPS tagline launches at the Hurricanes first home game

The new LPS tagline launched at the Hurricanes opening game for the Super Rugby season.

The new LPS tagline was launched during the opening home game of the Hurricanes for the Super Rugby season. The tagline aligns with the direction of where LPS is heading as a company. The last tagline was “We do Projects” and as LPS grew the company also outgrew the tagline. “Transform : Deliver”. The new tagline aligns with where the company positions itself as a market leader in its industry.

Transform : Deliver

LPS chose “Deliver” as a keyword for the new tagline because as a company we help our clients deliver high-level projects. We also deliver top quality service aligning with our client’s culture as well as our own. By delivering great projects we are able to transform our client’s companies. With the age of digital, this is a key part of our business model making sure we’re able to make positive change for our clients. LPS wouldn’t be the company it is today without living and breathing the company slogan. LPS delivers large transformation programmes for private and public enterprise organisations throughout New Zealand and Australia

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