Giving Back to the Profession

Recently LPS were asked to come come along and talk to a Project Management class at an Auckland business school. I was happy to oblige and went along for an hour to discuss LPS, the kind of projects that we do for our customers, the different skills we have and methods/approaches that we use. This was a small effort on my part that gave 70+ young people an insight into our profession. It also gave them an opportunity to ask questions about decisions that they will be making and advice on how to progress their careers.
LPS will also participate in the PMI Conference again this year, as we have done many times before. PMI is a community that we choose to support and ensure that it is somewhere that we maintain a strong brand and reputation. The conference is a chance for us to engage with practitioners that might work for us in the future or may one day become a customer. 

In our busy work and home lives we sometimes forget that we have progressed to where we are in our career through the help and support of other people. I would like to challenge each and every one of you to think about how you could help someone professionally and take action on that in the next 3 months. It might be helping someone get a job, speaking at a professional event, introducing people that you know to each other, or maybe getting along to an event where you can meet people who you might be able to help in the future.

Andrew Smith