We take a holistic approach to development and testing that considers the broader effect of software engineering for the business. The talent and expertise of our engineering team, complemented by our expertise in change and transformation allows customers access to a total solution. 

We will help you introduce innovative technologies faster, avoid business disruption due to technology failures, and ensure consistent quality in business-critical applications. 





How we work

We understand that no one size fits all.

By engaging in an open dialogue, we are able to understand your objectives and the business challenges you face.

We take into consideration your organisational appetite for change, your corporate culture, your strategy and your constraints together with the desired outcomes you are seeking. We then help you design and create that future.    



Work with senior business owners to understand the business, its challenges and its strategy.



How we can help, based on your desired outcomes, constraints and appetite for change. ​

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We bring in a specialist team to build a world-class engineering capability.

mobile testing


We bring best-in-class testing practices and elite people to help you build in quality, end to end.



We coach, guide, mentor and pass on those capabilities to your people.​

How we help

Agile Testing

Software testing is no longer a step at the end of the process where your developers find out they have hundreds, if not thousands, of defects to rectify.

A Testing service must help you move from ‘find the bugs’ to a collaborative process that prevents the bug in the first place. 

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Testing as a Service

The Co:Test engagement model is built around a community of LPS customers, highly competent LPS testing specialists and, as required, LPS’s trusted network of associates.

With expertise across many ways of testing from functional to agile, we efficiently adapt to your way of system and software delivery while helping you with wider improvement or transformation aspirations you have across your ways of working. 

Digital Platform Strategy and Execution​

Design and develop a digital platform to leverage your core capabilities, and deliver your products and services to market more rapidly, in unique and innovative ways.

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Cloud Enablement

Cloud platforms are revolutionising the way technology is providing business value.

To succeed in today’s complex digital marketplace, you need a partner who helps you to design a strategy to utilise cloud technologies.

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