DX Conference Insights on Digital and Data

DX Conference Insights on Digital and Data

By Rob Franklin
Digital Delivery and Performance Manager – Vodafone

I was fortunate enough to attend DX 2018 ( DX conference ) a conference which focused on Digital Transformation. The key theme of Digital Transformation was covered by a number of leading industry speakers. They spoke on topics from Strategy and Governance to Technology and Platforms through to Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency.

The speakers each gave their point of view on competing in a world driving towards more digitally connected customers. Alex and Google home ecosystems have given people access to information at their fingertips. This is because of the use of voice command which is ever evolving in these two examples. A key theme that resonated with me through all of the presentations was “Think Relationships, not Transactions”. There was a lot of discussion about benefits of Agile, AI, IoT and scalable platforms. At the end of the day, all of these things support your organisation to understand your customers better. This allows you to act on their needs, improve and tailor their experience, or identify and capitalise on new needs, faster. All of this really leads to building a relationship with a customer eloquently put as.

“I want to be your favourite hello and your hardest goodbye”.

Thinking about relationships, not transactions is really about becoming Customer obsessed. Gunjan Bhow the keynote speaker, CDO at Walt Disney, really focused on this and it was constantly referred back to throughout presenters discussions. A great lesson for organisations was covered by Gunjan from his experience with Amazon. Organisations need to focus on addressing customer or organisational needs. This is before they look at how technology can help address these needs. They need to ask what can we do with a new technology after it is here.

DX conference “Technology is an enabler, not the change itself.”

To enable an organisation to really become customer-obsessed we need data about our customers. The more data we can collect the more we can assess and therefore can let the data lead us. A key theme touched on by a number of presenters was how we use digital not only to broker a sale but to really know a customer. We can use data to anticipate their needs. This allows people to personalise their interactions and surprise and delight them with things they would never expect. The focus on data provided a clear action for organisations, a key pillar of your digital strategy has to be a cohesive data collection and usage strategy. Collecting data, shaping it, using it to lead us and ultimately monetising it is key.

In conclusion:

Whilst the overall message at the DX conference was clearly organisations need Digital transformation to survive. But the real challenge set out here is how we as an organisation become customer-obsessed. How we move from transactions to relationships and collect and use data appropriately to ultimately surprise and delight our customers.

DX conference
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