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Take the Agile Warrant of Fitness


Frequently asked questions:

What do you mean by a Product?

By product we mean a software product developed by your teams, that supports your organisation's products and services.

Should I provide a response from a team, IT or enterprise perspective?

Organisation should be taken to mean at the IT level, some statements do refer wider than IT, however we are surveying with an IT focus.

You have no statements regarding technical practices?

For this survey we are focused on Agile delivery. We plan to incorporate technical practices in further versions of our WOF tool set.

You seem to be using Scrum terms, what if we are not using Scrum?

Yes, primarily because most organisations do relate to these Scrum terms. If your organisation is not using Scrum we would prefer you either respond with “neither agree or disagree” or consider the question from an analogous perspective. For example, you may not have Scrum Masters, but there may be personnel in your organisations who perform similar roles.  

I don’t know what the difference between Strongly agree or Agree could mean?

At the risk of leading you to an answer, if a statement is completely true (in your assessment) then Strongly agree may be appropriate if on the other hand, you agree in general but can think of an instance or areas where it is not completely true, Agree may be more appropriate. Similarly with disagreement.

How do I answer if our organisation is two-speed/multi-modal, i.e. combination of agile and projects?

There are no right or wrong answers. You may find that you agree with the statement for the “Agile component” but strongly disagree for the remainder of your organisation in which case you may choose to say you disagree overall.

What is a correctly sized agile team?

One rule of thumb is 3 - 10 team members. There are other arguments that larger teams can be successful. If you think that your teams are not working due to their size, regardless of the quantity, you would most likely disagree with the statement.

What say I am 50:50 on a question

Neither agree nor disagree may be appropriate or, you may ‘somewhat’ lean one way or the other.

What say I don’t know the answer

Your answer would be “Neither agree nor disagree”
If you would like to talk to an Agile consultant about why these factors are important and how you can achieve them contact us today!