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Software testing is no longer a step at the end of the process where your developers find out they have hundreds, if not thousands, of defects to rectify.

A Testing Service must help you move from ‘find the bugs’ to a collaborative process that prevents the bug in the first place. 

LPS collaborative testing service (CO:TEST) is designed to do just that. We help you create and implement an agile testing strategy that will create a modern software quality regime for you. This isn’t just about automated tests or testing automation. We work with your development teams to uplift your unit testing and integration tests. We implement the right level of automated end to end and exploratory testing.

We help you identify, measure and improve the right metrics, not just focused on software quality, but directly connected to your speed to market and system robustness objectives.       

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Agile Testing Strategy


Implementing Metrics that Matter

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Behaviour-Driven Development

Connecting Teams

Collaborative Software Quality Processes

How we work

Many organisations have implemented automated tests. Some have automated their testing process integrating it into their CI/CD pipelines – yet they continue to deal with bug fixes at the end of the process.

We work with you to understand where you are and where you would like to go, then help you with a strategy and plan to get there. We’ll help you ensure everyone knows what a unit, integration or end-to-end test actually is so they can implement and maintain the right tests, at the right place, at the right time. We help identify and implement the correct metrics to measure quality, speed to market, and robustness.

We’re not some organisation that just knows all the theory – there will be testing work to be performed, so we get on with it with you. While that work is going on, we work with you at the speed you want, improving the process, embedding a culture of building quality into the product, and achieving your aspirations for a quality digital product.  



Work with senior business owners to understand the business, its challenges and its strategy.



How we can help, based on your desired outcomes, constraints and appetite for change. ​

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We bring in a specialist team to build a world-class testing capability.​

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We bring best-in-class testing practices and elite people to help you build in quality, end to end.



We coach, guide, mentor and pass on those capabilities to your people.​

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"One of the things we try do is work with organisations that are real strategic partners… LPS has definitely been one of those strategic partners"

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