Adding Value

Striving for excellence and delivering wow is not just something that we do, it is something that is a part of us. It is because we enjoy the challenge of achieving our best and we enjoy delivering something meaningful, useful, and beyond extraordinary. 

An example of this I would like to share is a piece of work we are currently concluding for one of our NZDF clients: on-boarding them into Planview, their Project Management tool. One area we helped structure is their Change Request process. While the scope was to deliver updates to the tool and build a process around it, we added an extra bit in to produce a report ‘form’ in the required layout, ready for circulation for signatures and approval. While it might sound like an obvious deliverable, it was not officially part of the scope. When we presented this end-to-end process for Change Management during UAT, we received the comment “this is the best working part in the whole tool” and “It’s the best thing I’ve seen this last couple of days”. Win!

Even outside of work, doing something extra and meaningful is something I strive for. For instance, for the past 6 years, I’ve volunteered my time and resources to NZ Police. Mostly in the capacity of liaising between the police and the Muslim community. In short, if the police ever needed to engage with anyone from the Muslim community, they would come to me for advice and support. And similarly, due to my relationship with police, members of our community would often liaise through me.

Two years ago, as a part of this engagement, we set up a community patrol group including members from all sorts of ethnic and religious backgrounds. We continue to work closely with police assisting them with events and anything else they see as beneficial. A nice success story is that three weeks ago, our first patrol member graduated from Police College, and there are currently 3 others following closely behind.

No matter how small we may think it is, whether its work related or anything else you are passionate about, strive to do it with excellence; it feels awesome. Whatever you do, do it well!

Jasmin Adam